Answers to common questions and issues:

Products purchased on this site are added to your account and available for streaming or download in your personal library. To access your purchases, you need to login with your email and password using the link below. (Also check your spam folder, as the purchase confirmation email may have been lost there.)


You can watch all video files on any device with an internet browser. Just login to the site from a tablet, phone or computer.

Follow the Quick-Guide below that shows you how to download Lesson Videos. 

1. Access a Course Lesson

Find the Download link under the video player. A drop-down menu will open the download menu option. Click on "Lesson Video" as the item you would like to download. 

2. Open the video and launch the download

The download link in step 1 will open a new window with the video file ready for you to download. Right-click on the video and click on "Save Video As..." - You video will then start downloading to the location of your choice on your device.

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