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The full curriculum on mastering sales, overcoming objections and conquering Deal Flow once and for all.

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Kelley Group Complete Pack


From starting a conversation to being inundated with referrals, study our complete curriculum and become a master of sales.

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This bundle is for you if…


You aren’t hitting the numbers you wanted.


You struggle to acquire and keep new clients.


You spend a lot of time looking for new prospects.

Imagine you could…

  • Have precise strategies that help you close sales.
  • Approach and sign on new clients in any situation.
  • Forget about deal flow because people start coming to you!

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to take control of Deal Flow through precise procedures that we devised over decades. We have been hacking sales strategies for major corporations and our complete pack is loaded with the same strategies that worked for them.

Learn how to create strong, lasting relationships with new prospects and existing clients. Learn how to expand your business by nurturing relationships. Discover exact tools that will increase your close rate.

Whether you are a seasoned salesperson or just leaving college and wondering where to start, these exact, unique and usable tools will increase your ability to get what you want from the clients you want.


“Brooke and I take great pride in educating people and watching their businesses expand. Our training is one of a kind because we don’t focus on money. We focus on communication and handling relationships. Sure, money is a nice by-product but the “why?” is becoming the person that people want to work with and the rest takes care of its self.”

– Sarano Kelley

Sarano & Brooke

Rated as the #1 speaker by some of the largest Wall Street firms, Sarano has impacted thousands of financial professionals by providing them with proven techniques and the structure for successfully applying them.

Sarano and Brooke are co-authors of The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Day, a best-selling book that provides key principles that have enabled some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world to function at full capacity.

Sarano has appeared on show on major networks such as Good Morning America, NBC, CNBC, FOX to name a few. He and Brooke have produced two television shows featuring their groundbreaking processes for VH1 and ABC.


11h 16m




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6 Lessons (43m)

Pro Closing Sales Masterclass

Value $197

Learn my step by step formula for successfully closing any deal.

Discover how to make people need you. I’ve studied the close for years. This course gives you my exact procedure for improving your ability to close new prospects and current clients alike. Learn how to nurture a person’s decision making towards what you want. Learn how to conduct yourself so that your prospect feels self-determined and excited to work with you.

3 Lessons (53m)

Overcoming Sales Objections 101

Value $197

Learn how to change a prospect’s perspective using my powerful step by step procedure.

Learn a step by step method used by professional consultants to change a person’s mind and move forward with the sale. There is no one size fits all strategy here. First, you must be able to understand your prospect, build a rapport and then leverage the above to overcome their objections. I’ll teach you the invaluable communication skills that can make this possible.

3 Lessons (51m)

Sales Referral Masterclass

Value $197

Learn the tools you need to master the referral conversation.

I’ll teach you how to confidently ask for referrals. Learn how to remove the awkwardness, remove any negative effects and receive the participation you need from the prospects you want. Unlock huge expansion by implementing this procedure and feel confident when asking for referrals.

28 Lessons (1h 25m)

Reversing The Deal Flow 101

Value $197

Learn the exact strategy to use to have prospects call you.

The skills and exercises in this program will change the way you think about how to professionally represent yourself, how you go about building your business and defining your unique brand. 10 years of experience has led us to creating this step by step program. Study our innovative approach to prospecting, using marketing strategies and principles that give you the necessary leverage to have prospects calling you asking to become clients.

24 Lessons (1h 48m)

Overcoming Sales Objections Masterclass

Value $197

Learn how to overcome client objections masterfully.

Take your business development from prospecting to campaigning and be in a winning position from the start with prospective clients. Learn precise and usable tools that will make handling objections an easy and enjoyable task. Discover exactly how, through communication alone, you can handle anyone’s objection.

61 Lessons (5h 34m)

Reversing The Deal Flow Masterclass

Value $197

The secrets to prospects calling you to become clients.

We will teach you the skills needed to turn anyone you meet into a client or partner. You will learn how to apply strategy and use leverage while networking to produce leads and referrals. We want you to master Deal Flow, creating so many qualified leads you are turning business away.

Bonus Content!

eBook (240 pages)

The Game, Win Your Life in 90 Days

Value $47

Learn a proven system to break old habits, create new ones and achieve your personal and professional goals.

The Game’s principles have enabled some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world to operate at full capacity — and it will work for you too! Designed to be read and then used as an actual game, this book walks you through exercises that will help you set your own goals, measure your achievements before and after and to produce extraordinary results.

eBook (178 pages)

Reversing the Deal Flow

Value $47

A step by step guide to expanding your business and mastering Deal Flow.

If you follow these steps, you will continually expand the number of ways to reach the right people, and hence, the right prospects to choose as clients. The goal behind Reversing the Deal Flow is to surround yourself with clients who value you and your service. In this book, you will learn the strategies and techniques we have spent over a decade refining to achieve this goal.

Kelley Group Facebook Academy

Bonus #2


Join a network of like-minded students in the Kelley Group Facebook Academy. Bounce ideas around, review each other’s ideas and get your questions answered.

Sales can be a lonely adventure sometimes and no one makes it on their own. Get your questions answered quickly and feel part of a community designed to help and support.


Monthly Q&A with Sarrano & Brooke

Bonus #3


Whether you are a professional or just starting out we want to be a part of your journey. We’ll give you real-life feedback and help you get more out of your projects.

Dramatically improve your techniques and get any questions you have answered so you can achieve your business goals sooner.


30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee.

Hear what students have to say…

“There is SO much information in this course. I can’t wait to start using what I’ve learned!”

“A lot of people in sales preach about being alpha or being pushy. This course is so clever and intuitive. I finally have found training that applies to who I am and leads to happy clients as well.

“Well, I had sales ALL wrong. Couldn’t bring in new business, could never close easily, etc. My numbers are WAY up and it’s all thanks to you guys. Thank you!!!”

Kelley Group Complete Pack


From starting a conversation to being inundated with referrals, study our complete curriculum and become a master of sales.

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