Reversing the Deal Flow 101

Learn the exact strategy to use to have prospects call you.

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Reversing the Deal Flow 101


Our step by step course teaches how to get prospects calling you to become your client.

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This course is for you if…


You aren’t signing enough new clients.


You fail to close prospective clients and don’t know why.


You don’t follow a process when talking to potential clients.

Imagine you could…

  • Master the art of communicating in any sales environment.
  • Confidently maintain a rapport with every client.
  • Have prospects calling you to be your client.

What you'll learn

The skills and exercises in this program will change the way you think about how to professionally represent yourself, how you go about building your business and defining your unique brand.

10 years of experience has led us to creating this step by step program.

Study our innovative approach to prospecting, using marketing strategies and principles that give you the necessary leverage to have prospects calling you asking to become clients.


“By learning from our mistakes, and those of our peers we have systematically codified the steps necessary to take control of Deal Flow. Our goal is to teach people that by focussing on communication and their personal brand endless expansion is possible.”

– Sarano Kelley

Sarano & Brooke

Rated as the #1 speaker by some of the largest Wall Street firms, Sarano has impacted thousands of financial professionals by providing them with proven techniques and the structure for successfully applying them.

Sarano and Brooke are co-authors of The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Day, a best-selling book that provides key principles that have enabled some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world to function at full capacity.

Sarano has appeared on show on major networks such as Good Morning America, NBC, CNBC, FOX to name a few. He and Brooke have produced two television shows featuring their groundbreaking processes for VH1 and ABC.


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Deal Flow


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Welcome to the Basics of Reversing The Deal Flow

An overview of what we will be covering on this course.


Introduction Orientation

Find out who we are and what led us to the creation of this course.


The Goal of This Program

Learn the specific objectives you will be able to achieve by following through on this unique, one of a kind process.


MBA in Communication Marketing

Learn the precise formula you need to promote your unique brand, to your unique audience.


Four Ways to Be Great

Study, Training, Practice, and Coaching are the four time-honored methodologies for achieving a high level of expertise in any discipline in life.


Peak Performance

Quickly discover how Peak Performance relates to Reversing the Deal Flow.


The 90 Day Game

Learn the way to avoid the trap of mistaking past success for current levels of performance and discover why thinking of your business as a game will take you to higher levels of success.


Reversing the Deal Flow

Learn my philosophy on Reversing the Deal Flow.


Two Groups - Politicians and Socialites

See how Politicians and Socialites show us the key to Reversing the Deal Flow and what we can learn from this.


Campaigning vs. Selling

A selling mentality will only ever be transactional. Learn the skills and best practices that those who campaign have mastered.


Brand Message Audience

Learn how you can make these 3 factors unique brand, message and audience work for you.


Mathematics of a Market Niche

Learn where to focus your energy to best exploit your expertise and successfully broaden your network.


Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassadors will take referrals into their own hands. Discover how nursing these relationships can Reverse the Deal Flow.


The Myth of The Silver Bullet

Learn how many who have failed have underestimated the action and frequency necessary to Reverse The Deal Flow.  


Understanding Consistency in Marketing

Learn a basic truth on how to market your services effectively.


Understanding Order and Consistency

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to use leverage and how to apply structure to your marketing approach.


34 Strategies to Reverse the Deal Flow

Find out what is possible if you use these 34 strategies to systematically develop your own unique advocacy network. Use the link above to download the document: "34 Strategies Grid" Exerci...


The Four Phases of the Sales Cycle

Explore the 4 phases of any sales cycle and gain the ability to know where you are in the process at all times. Learn how to accurately diagnose where a sale goes wrong or stalls.


Discovering Your Unique Recipe for Success

Understand how to find and apply your Unique Recipe to Reverse the Deal Flow


Mind Dumping Organizing and Freeing Up Your Mind

Learn how to use this simple tool that will streamline your marketing strategy and make space for your creative process.


Time Blocking and Sweet Spot

Discover the secret to developing momentum in your day, minimizing distractions, deepening your focus and getting more done in less time.


You are a Message The 3 Channels of Communication

Words, the sound of your voice and your appearance. Discover how these 3 key elements can affect your relationship with others on a conscious and unconscious level. Learn what it takes to move from...


The Only Four Responses to any Recommendation or Request

Master the ability to handle all possible answers in any consultative selling environment.


Three Options When Receiving an Objection

Learn how to turn a prospect or clients viewpoint while maintaining maximum rapport. This lesson teaches you how to overcome resistance through reframes.


Handling Objections Reframing to Change a Persons Mind

Learn how to dismantle an objection while still maintaining maximum rapport with these six precise steps.


The Drip Campaign High and Low Touch

Learn the five critical communications to get someone back in touch with you. In this lesson, I’ll share skillful, automated ways that require minimal effort to recover this situation.


Social Media and The Drip Campaign Brand Awareness

Learn how to stay at the forefront of your prospects’ minds and how to stay there.


The Basics of Reversing the Deal Flow - in Summary

In this summary, I’ll lay out how I want you to use this program to master your own process and Reverse the Deal Flow.

30 Day Guarantee

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Hear what students have to say…

“Multiple times since doing this course have I referred back to the videos and the chart. It’s so well organized! A must-do course for anyone in the professional services industry.”

“I really enjoyed this course. The way these two approach business and their philosophy towards it has changed my career trajectory completely. I owe it all to you! Thank you!”

“Simple, easy to follow, powerful and most of all doable. I was just working so hard to increase Deal Flow and with these new skills I am doing better and having more fun at work than ever before.”

Reversing the Deal Flow 101


Our step by step course teaches how to get prospects calling you to become your client.

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